devil will do (cleverdevil) wrote in metalsmiths,
devil will do


I apologise if this entry is inappropriate, but I'm hoping it's not and you'll all be jazzy and good natured. I'm looking for advise...

I've reached a crossedroads in my life after turning 30yrs old and not having anything more to show for it than when I was 20(which is about ZIP). After living in B.C. Canada for 7yrs I moved back to Toronto with a plan:the plan was to get a welding ticket of some kind and head for Alberta, where they're supposed to pay upwards of $150,000.
Now, of course I know nothing of welding-and I mean nothing. How long the schooling takes, how much the potential cost is etc The college websites are rediculous in how little any information of substance they offer, but after some net searching today, I learned that these Alberta jobs that I covet($40hr with an $80 a day living allowance) are actually looking for a journeyman welder. Ok, so I look that up because, again I know nothing, and what I learn is that this is 3yrs of schooling *gasp*.

I don't know anyone in the field, or in schooling for it. I think right now I'm looking for words from anyone that might've taken this path, or has stories/advise from their own paths. I'm going to leave this post rather open ended, without asking anything specific because I'd dig ANYTHING that anyone has to share.
Thank you all so much.

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