sana (cybik) wrote in metalsmiths,

Here's a picture of a brooch I made recently for a competition (Ars Ornata - Inside Out), but it also counts towards my degree work (I'm in 2nd year and loving it!). It's a composite skeleton, essentially, and the pin and catch are formed by the hands (one of which is a bat's arm and the other is sort of human).

(Click to enlarge).

He's all bundled up, a little like a bronze age burial - that was the idea, anyway! He's made from mild steel wire (about 1.5 and0.7mm thick), with one silver rivet and one finger made from stainless wire to form the pin, and was spot welded together. At the end of making him I blackened him with heat and then sprayed him with furniture polish to try and stop rusting.
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neat =)
That is fantastic! It looks more like a fossil or a sculpture than a brooch. I really love the fact that it isn't flat and looks so lightweight!
Thanks! I've been making slightly larger skeletons recently, so it was interesting to try and make something much smaller.
I know you posted this a while ago but I have to say this brooch kicks butt! Very very cool.
Thanks! He's probably my favourite piece that I've made. :)
He looks really familiar. Was he in a book or website or something? I swear I've seen it somewhere else before. He must be famous!
I made him up as I went along, more or less. Though he's just made up of different animal body parts, so maybe someone else has done something similar?
Hmm. I must be having deja vu. I do that sometimes ha ha.