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BFA thesis work

I haven't posted in ages, so none of you will remember me. But! I wanted to share some of my art work. I graduated in June with a BFA in metal design and so this is the stuff I made for my thesis exhibition.

Those of you who have seen the movie Amadeus might remember a scene in which the jealous composer Salieri tempts Mozart’s wife with a plate of candies called the Nipples of Venus, which I have since discovered are a Venetian delicacy. This brooch is called "Aunt Agatha’s Delicious, Award-Winning Nipples of Venus" alluding to the confectionery-like iconography of Saint Agatha, whose breasts were severed during torture.

This piece is called "Apollonia's Part-Time Job" and is a conflation of the tooth fairy and Saint Apollonia, the patron saint of dentists.

"Ecstaticus". I believe I might have posted this one before in its unfinished state. Anyway, it's silver and felted human hair and wool.

I'm really proud of this one. It's a necklace made of silver and brass and called "Odilia and Hugh", after Saint Odilia and her brother. It was also inspired by the dichotomy of sensuality and rationality and the Turkish folk tale "Alenoushka and her Brother", especially this passage:

"The maiden found such favour in the eyes of the Padishah that he desired ardently to marry her at once, but she refused to consent until her brother, the stag, was brought to her. Slaves were therefore dispatched to find the stag and they soon brought him to the palace. This done, the twain never left each other's side; they slept together and arose together. When the marriage was celebrated, the stag still would not quit his sister, and when at night they retired, he struck her lightly with his forefeet saying "This is the brother-in-law's bone; this is the sister's bone."

Detail of one side. Closed book with closed eyes.

Other side. Open book with open eyes ---> Odilia's iconography.

This was an interactive wearable sculpture, although obviously you can't wear it to a party or anything. "Uncumbrance". For the bearded female saint Wilgefortis, who is technically not a saint anymore because the Catholic Church de-sainted her in the 1960s for not being a real person. Right, like St. Margaret-who-jumped-out-of-a-dragon's-belly was real. They just couldn't handle the fact that she had a beard.

People offering up their thoughts on little scraps of paper.

Detail of the offerings.

So yeah, that's it. Hope you all enjoyed it. Let me know if you have any questions!
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